Transforming Industries 

BRIDA was created with the objective of offering 

a flexible and innovative service 

in the process of valuation of 

outdated or disused industrial assets.



These are the VALUES we believe in and put into practice every day with our clients.

DEDICATION AND COMMITMENT are fundamental objectives which   attempt to   take care of needs in a comprehensive way by making   them applicable to   all the people and organisations we work  with.

RESPONSIBILITY, acceptance of our actions and commitments before   oneself   and others, by acting in a coordinated and efficient way.

FLEXIBILITY, continuous and creative adaptation to changes and   innovations.

ABILITY TO LISTEN, empathic attention to people, situations and   needs   for  the best possible communication in our activity and   personal   relationships. 

PERSEVERANCE, in each and every one of our actions by   transmitting our   principal asset, trust.